Dots per inch

Or dpi. Despite being a keen amateur photographer, this is not something I’ve paid much (well, any) attention to until this week. However, in order to submit an entry to my university’s Images of Research exhibition, I needed to come up with an image with at least 300 dpi resolution. I take a lot of photographs and, having just checked my Flickr photostream,where I put the ones I like, I found more than 4000 on there. My main interest photographically is wildlife and I have plenty of photos of animals doing something interesting that I could have used, if my research had been about that.


However, because my research is about burial practice in the Neolithic, it largely involves looking through old archives and any photographs I’ve taken are mostly indoor ones of human remains and paperwork for memory jogging purposes at this stage (although this will be supplemented by a number of better quality photographs in due course for specific projects).

Maybe if I was better at the technical side of photography I could have worked out how to change the dpi for the better? I don’t have Photoshop although I do have now defunct, I believe, Picasa and I did try a couple of collages, which was fun…


Dem Bones


Funny the receptacles you find human remains in sometimes

…but still dpi-challenged. So, anyway, I’ve submitted one of the couple of suitable photographs I found in my research collection with 300 dpi (link to follow). It wouldn’t have been my first choice but I think at least it kind of conveys an interesting aspect of my work and I’m glad to have managed an entry at all as I think the exhibition is a wonderful idea. Next year I will be better prepared though!


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